9 Best Amazon Product Research Tools in 2023 (Comprehensive Guide)

best amazon product research tools

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 07:09 pm

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you absolutely need the right tools to make money. Luckily, there are a number of excellent Amazon product research tools that make it simple.

In 2023, finding profitable product opportunities on Amazon has never been easier.

There are several companies that have built sophisticated amazon product research tools to help third party sellers (you) find good products to sell on Amazon.

I used several of these when I was an Amazon FBA seller and used them to find several winning products that helped me eventually make $10k of profit per month.

What is an Amazon Product Research Tool?

Amazon product research tools are typically a software or Chrome extension that integrates with Amazon’s website to provide the user with a detailed look at sales volume estimates.

This is extremely beneficial as a prospective Amazon FBA seller because it allows you to see which products have good sales demand and which products are duds. It’s even a great place to start just to get product ideas. The accurate data points make product research much easier.

These tools also typically have features allowing you to do advanced keyword research by looking at keyword volume, relevance, and pay-per-click (PPC) data.

You will also get access to things like competitor’s listing quality, supplier information, and much more.

Some product research tools are extremely sophisticated and some are more simple in nature.

What Are The Best Amazon Product Research Tools?

In this post, I’m going to dive deep on the 9 Best Amazon Research Tools in 2023 that you can start using today.

We’ll cover Amazon tools with a browser extension, tools that assist you in tracking sales rank and other data points, as well as tools that help with product listings, and more.

1. Helium 10 – Best Overall Amazon Product Research Tool

helium 10 homepage

Helium 10 is a powerful product research tool built by 8-figure Amazon seller Manny Coats.

This is a great tool with a number of unique tools and features to help Amazon sellers from beginners to advanced experts. The best Amazon product research tool comes down to having good data and Helium 10 delivers extremely accurate data. This is critical in finding profitable products to sell.

With thousands of Amazon FBA users and a strong community to back it up, this software will give users every opportunity to find winning product ideas.

Helium 10 probably has one of the largest suites of tools, ranging from accounting tools to email automation follow-ups to assist with getting more reviews. I found it very useful for getting clear estimates of search volume, which is crucial for finding a winning product.


  • Product research tool including Chrome extension for sales estimates

  • Amazon trends finder

  • Price History & Historical Sales data

  • Profitability Calculator

  • Keyword Research and Reverse ASIN Tool

  • Listing Optimization

  • Operations (Inventory management, refund genie, reviews follow-up)

  • Keyword and Rank Tracking

  • Financial Analytics

  • PPC Audit

  • Market Trends


  • Helium 10 is as comprehensive as it gets with a tool for every thing you could imagine to be successful on Amazon

  • Affordable pricing tier for beginner sellers

  • Backed by actual 8 figures Amazon sellers who understand the needs of private-label sellers

  • New Amazon research tools that don’t require payment (free trial)


  • Helium 10 is an advanced software; not necessarily designed for beginners

  • Not as user-friendly or intuitive compared to other software in my experience

Helium 10 Pricing:

Helium10 pricing

You can try Helium 10 today and get started finding your perfect product idea.

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout home page

Jungle Scout is one of the most popular Amazon product research tools on the market and great for Amazon FBA beginners.

It’s also one of the oldest to exist, making it trustworthy and reliable compared to some other newer players.

I personally used Jungle Scout to find several winners when I was starting out as a new Amazon seller. I like Jungle Scout because of its simplicity and nice user interface.

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is very easy to use and gives you a nice overview of different sales estimates and data points quickly. They now offer an AI assist tool that can help you create and optimize your listings faster.

Their web app offers other more advanced features that we’ll get into below.

Let’s take a look at some of the top features that you can expect with Jungle Scout


  • Browser Chrome Extension

  • AI Assist (Beta)

  • Keyword Scout

  • Product Tracker

  • Rank Tracker

  • Opportunity Finder

  • Listing Builder

  • Product Database

  • Review Automation

  • Supplier Database

  • Sales Analytics

  • Inventory Manager

  • Category Trends


  • Easy to use immediately with little previous experience

  • Jungle Scout offers a comprehensive suite of product research tools for advanced sellers

  • Flexible payment options for various budgets

  • Huge support network and resources provided by Jungle Scout Team

  • You can try it for free on their 7-day trial


  • Some tools only apply to the US Amazon Marketplace

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout pricing

If you’re looking to find your next winning product, then give Jungle Scout a try today by clicking the link below.

3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a premium suite of Amazon seller tools that have gained significant popularity over the last few years due to their reputation for having accurate data and their convenient Market Intelligence tool.

Viral Launch provides a number of cool research features that make it extremely easy to find emerging product opportunities on Amazon.

One of my favorite tools is their Amazon Product Finder, which allows you to set certain criteria and find winning product ideas based on that criteria, such as low competition and higher profit margin.

This is great if you’re looking to stay away from competition and find products that fit within your budget and experience.

Viral Launch has a number of excellent and advanced features for both beginners and seasoned Amazon sellers.


  • Product discovery

  • Market Intelligence

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Intelligence

  • Listing Analyzer

  • Keyword Manager

  • Listing Builder

  • PPC Management

  • Split Testing

  • Market Trends

  • Launch Services


  • Viral Launch is known for their highly accurate sales data and keyword volume

  • User friendly interface and easy to navigate

  • 14 day free trial

  • High-quality resources and training for Amazon sellers


  • Can be costly for someone starting out

  • Viral Launch offers more advanced software that may not be totally necessary for beginners just looking to get started

Viral Launch Pricing:

Viral Launch Pricing

Get an exclusive Viral Launch Discount of 15% off when you click the button below.

4. ZonGuru

Zon Guru

ZonGuru is a professional seller tool kit built to give private labelers all the tools they need to grow and automate their Amazon business.

Their focus is helping sellers find profitable products, maximizing those sales, and then automating and scaling the business.

This is a great tool for both new sellers and veterans alike. With a clean user interface and multiple useful features, ZonGuru stands out as a top-tier product research tool.


  • Niche finder and market analysis

  • Product finder

  • Keyword research

  • Listing optimizer

  • IP Monitoring and alerts

  • Review follow up automation

  • Profit calculator


  • Great value to cost ratio

  • Highly rated by third parties

  • Tons of additional free resources

  • 7 Day Free Trial


  • Basic plan is limited for the price

ZonGuru Pricing

Zon Guru pricing

New users can get a ZonGuru discount of 50% off their first month by using the link below.

5. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout helps sellers find unique product opportunities to sell on Amazon with their suite of seller tools.

This is a less-known Amazon product research tool but still very effective. I personally used this free tool when starting out.

Like many other research tools, they offer a Chrome Extension for sales estimates and I’ve heard that it’s only gotten better over the years with more Amazon sellers adopting this tool for their product research needs.

AMZ Scout is backed by a number of well-known reputable online sellers and has increased in popularity due to their beginner-focused offerings and pricing.


  • Amazon Keyword Research Tool

  • Reverse ASIN Tool

  • Amazon Keyword Tracker

  • Product Database

  • Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage (NEW)


  • Easy to download and start using right away

  • One of the most affordable Amazon product research tools

  • Upgrade to PRO is not much more expensive

  • 10 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Geared towards beginners

  • Not as many tools compared to the larger softwares like Helium 10

AMZ Scout Pricing

AMZ Scout pricing

6. Sonar by Sellics

Sonar product research

Sonar is an Amazon product research tool developed by Sellics to help Amazon sellers, find relevant keywords for their business, increase product listing visibility, and improve their Amazon SEO.

This is a great free tool and the perfect choice for someone who is just getting their feet wet in FBA and wants to try out some research for free.

Sonar is different from other tools in that they typically only show results for keywords that are ranking on page one. This is where the majority of sales are made anyway.


  • Reverse ASIN Lookup

  • Keyword Search Volume

  • Keyword Translator

  • Amazon PPC Automation

  • PPC Audit

  • Estimated Sales


  • A simple tool with an emphasis on keyword volume and competitor analysis

  • Free trial available for beginner Amazon sellers


  • Not as comprehensive as other similar research tools

  • Primarily marketed as an Amazon advertising acceleration software

Sellics Pricing

Sonar pricing

7. Scope by Seller Labs

Seller Labs

Scope is a comprehensive Amazon product research tool that helps sellers improve organic and paid traffic with keyword research and more.

In addition to their suite of software and tools, Seller Labs also provides a Managed Services team to help sellers scale their already profitable businesses.

I’ve personally used the Scope tool and really liked the keyword research tool for its clean layout and intuitive interface.


  • Amazon Keywords

  • Amazon PPC Advertising

  • Review Automation

  • Inventory and Financial Analytics

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup

  • Sales and Revenue Estimates

  • Search volume estimates


  • 30 Day Free Trial

  • Super clean interface and is easy to use for beginners

  • Affordable pricing based on sales volume


  • Not as comprehensive compared to others

  • Average to poor rating on Trustpilot

Seller Labs Pricing

Seller Labs pricing

8. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher product research

Unicorn Smasher is one of the first free tools for Amazon product research that I heard of during my early days as an FBA seller.

They offer an excellent free extension for sales estimates that assist with finding products to sell on Amazon.

Is it the best Amazon product research tool? Probably not.

Is it easy to download and use immediately for free? Yes.


  • Estimated Sales Volumes

  • Variation statistics

  • Discreet sharing tool

  • Opportunity score to evaluate the market


  • Simple to use software,

  • One time purchase for lifetime access as opposed to a subscription

  • Works in 7 major countries (US, CA, UK, IT, ES, DE, FR)


  • Not an advanced tool with lots of features

  • Limited live support

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

Unicorn Smasher pricing

9. Sell Zone

SellZone product research

Sell Zone offers a variety of product research tools to assist sellers in finding high-demand products.

All the tools in Sell Zone’s suite allow you to analyze search demand and traffic potential in your niche, giving you an advantage over your competition and uncovering profitable selling opportunities.

One thing that I found pretty cool is that they offer unlimited free split testing as well as listing requirement checks on their basic plan.


  • Product Research Tool

  • PPC Optimizer

  • Keyword Wizard

  • Listing Quality Check

  • Traffic Insights

  • Split Testing

  • Listing Protection


  • Forever free plan available; great for beginners

  • Unlimited split testing available

  • Good focus on core tools most important to sellers

  • 7 Day Free Trial for their growth plan

  • Powered by SEMRush (well known SEO company)


  • Relatively new Amazon product research tool (little history)

  • No live chat support

Sell Zone Pricing

Sell Zone Pricing


Which Amazon Research Tool is the Best?

Overall, Helium is the best Amazon product research tool due to its comprehensive suite of tools, large resource base, excellent support, and extensive data. It’s a great choice to begin your product research process.

If you’re looking to sell on Amazon, then J would be my #1 pick.

What Makes a Good Product to Sell on Amazon?

A good product depends on a number of variables but there are a few key factors that every seller should look for in selecting a good product:

  • Medium to high demand

  • Relatively low reviews compared to market

  • High profit margin potential (higher retail value is better)

  • Brandability (want to go after products you can build a brand around)

  • Low or no seasonality (focusing on ‘evergreen’ products will be more stable)

  • Easy to manufacture (avoid things with lots of moving parts or electronics)

  • Preferably lightweight and easy to ship (if going after large items, make sure you have the margins to cover shipping and account for sea shipping lead times)

Every seller will have their own goals as well as constraints when it comes to sourcing a product, so it’s important to understand how you can make these tools work best for you.

What tools do Amazon Sellers Use Most?

With so many new tools popping up in the market it’s hard to say which tool sellers are using most. That being said, we know for a fact that Jungle Scout has been around for a long time and has one of the largest communities. It’s safe to say that this is probably one of the most widely used tools.


Well, there you have it. These are the 9 best Amazon product research tools in 2023.

At the end of the day, the specific tool doesn’t matter as much as HOW you actually use the tool.

Your goal as a seller is to find products to sell that are going to have the highest chance of success.

So whether it’s Viral Launch or ZonGuru, the important thing is having a strategy in place that aligns with your budget and goals.

Make sure when using these tools that you search for products with high demand, low competition, and high profit margin potential.

If you find a product that fits these criteria, you have a much higher chance of success.

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