What Is Your Measurement For Success?

I recently watched the movie, “All The Money In The World” where the grandson of a billionaire, J. Paul Getty, is kidnapped by the Italian mob and held at ransom.

The greedy billionaire grandfather refuses to pay, even for what is considered pennies relative to his overall wealth.

At one point in the film Mark Wahlberg’s character asks him, “when are you ever going to have enough?”

The rich Paul Getty simply retorts, “More!”

How Do You Define Success

Success has meant different things to me at different times in my life.

In high school, it meant getting good grades.

In college, it meant graduating and getting a good job.

In my job, it meant making a lot of money.

And this is where things get a bit sticky.

Over the last few years I’ve experienced large influxes of cash that I hadn’t anticipated โ€” a big day of sales on my store, selling my business, a consulting call for $1,000.

All these events had one thing in common and that was money.

Making a lot of money has always been this lofty goal of mine. In my head I’ve thought: “Once I make X amount of dollars, I will feel successful/happy/fulfilled.”

It’s only recently that I’ve realized that this doesn’t really happen.

Just like greedy J. Paul Getty, I always want “more!”

Small Success on Amazon

With my Amazon business, I’ve been working hard to get some products ramped up and I remember saying in my head, it will be great once I hit a few $1,000 days.

I’ve now surpassed that mark more than just a few days and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. And, honestly, it was exciting at first!

Who wouldn’t be excited at their sales blowing up?

But just like that, I’m already looking at the next thing and trying to hit the next milestone.

Can I hit $2K/day?

Can I hit $5k/day?

Can I hit $10k/day?

Sure I can. And I know I will. And I’m sure at that point I will just be thinking about how I can grow it bigger.

This is the conundrum that I’m facing.

At what point does it feel satisfactory or successful?

I’m afraid that at no point will the money or the dollar signs feel like “enough” for me.

I don’t necessarily think it’s all a bad thing though…

To me, this is part of being an entrepreneur and what drives us to build, excel, and achieve in whatever we set out to do.

If I was getting comfortable every time I made a sale, I don’t think I would be progressing as fast as I’d like to. That feeling of “not enough” is what keeps me hungry and driven to keep going.

I know I’m not making millions and my sales are peanuts compared to what some guys are making in this business, but even how much revenue I’m generating now compared to my dropshipping store, I’m on a whole other level.

Keep Your Head Straight

Most of all I’ve learned to not get too excited. I know how these things can get taken away in an instant, so it’s important to keep your head down and grind while you have momentum.

The answer to the question, “how do you define success” is a tough one for me and I think ultimately, it depends.

I no longer believe that it’s strictly tied to a monetary amount but rather a combination of things.

  • Do I have good relationships with people I care about?
  • Am I doing something that is fulfilling?
  • Am I making enough money to give me the freedom that I desire?

These are only a few examples of the things that I think constitute happiness for me. And, to clarify, this is justย my definition. Everyone will have their own factors that contribute to their overall happiness.

The main thing that I wanted to get out with this article is that the hunger to succeed and grow is far from being fulfilled. All I can do now is keep setting milestones and crushing those as fast as possible.

Because “success” and “happiness” is something that every human wants, I’d love to hear what makes YOU happy.

What is it that drives you forward and pushes you to grow, build, and succeed where others do not?

Drop me a message or comment below and let’s keep the discussion alive.

Thanks for reading!

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    • hbevins

      of course man! Luckily I qualify for foreign earned income exclusion, so only got to pay 15% on self-employment… Actually working on structuring the biz so that I will be tax free on the first $100k in profits. Not a bad tradeoff for living abroad ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Connor

    I like the topic. Pretty good ideals on what success really does mean. All about living a balanced life at least I think so

    • hbevins

      yeah it can mean different things for different people but it’s important to think about. Sometimes what we think will make us happy is actually not true at all.

  2. Susan Bevins

    This article really got me to thinking about what my definition of happiness is. For me, itโ€™s about my family. I feel happiest when Iโ€™m with my kids and grandkid(s)-almost!๐Ÿ˜‰.

    • hbevins

      Thanks for reading! Family is definitely a big one. I’m pretty sure studies have been released showing that closeness to family is a big influence on overall levels of happiness.

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