What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

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What would your perfect day look like? What kind bed would you wake up in? What kind of landscape would you see when you looked out the window? Is there an untouched white sandy beach just waiting to be explored alone? Or an incredible view of the Alps?

Do you sleep in until noon and lounge about the house all day? Or maybe you’re a busy body and you’re up at 6am, workout by 7am and finished with all your work for the day by lunchtime?

I imagine we all have some pretty different ideas about what would make our perfect day but I hadn’t really thought about this in detail until I read Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. In one section of the book he encourages his readers to actually take the time, think it out, and write down what you would do from the time you woke up to the moment your head hits the pillow for bedtime.

So, thinking that this could be a fun exercise, I wrote my own “perfect day,” and then realized it would be a great idea for a blog post. Killing two birds with one stone! Booyah!

But I’ll admit, the first draft I wrote  for “my perfect day” just felt so… so sterile.

I had written about how I would wake up at 6am, work for a couple hours, take a leisurely stroll on my secluded beach, then go for a workout in my private home gym. The afternoon I’d spend lounging around, maybe work, maybe watch a movie, and go out for dinner before I passed out for the night.

Now don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty good day by most standards, but it sounded more like a perfect day for when I’m 40 or even 50 years old. BORING.

guy bored out of his mind

This was the first write up.

I thought a bit harder and really tried to picture what a perfect day would look like for me right now.

man with crazy hair and colorful sunglasses screaming

Now that’s more like it!

As a young 20 something, I’m a little obsessed with moving around and I’d often fantasized about this type of lifestyle while I sat in my dreaded office cube back in New York City.

With this in mind, I wrote up something that I think could be a better reflection of what my perfect day would really look like:

7am: Alarm clock goes off. I’M UP!

Wait? Who the hell set my alarm so damn early. Snooze…

8am: Okay, this is reasonable. Now I’m up. I stumble out of my bed and look out the window. I see a vibrant city, bustling with the daily commuters making their way to work. The skyscrapers are dusted in a light layer of snow. Tokyo!

I’ve been living here for the last two months, practicing Japanese, eating sushi and ramen like it’s my job, and exploring the some of the bizzaro shit that makes up Japanese culture (I’m talking to you bagel heads)!

japanese culture is weird

8:30am: I down a cup of coffee and put on some gym clothes. I’d typically go out for a run outside, but considering it’s freezing balls outside I opt for a nicely heated local gym.

Today I decide to do a circuit that incorporates some weights and functional body movements. I’m talkin’ burpees, squat jumps, pull ups, and medicine ball throws. 30 seconds on — 30 seconds rest. Repeat 5 times in a row.

By the 3rd round I feel like I’m going to vomit. Haven’t been working out enough lately—clearly.

9:30am: I finish up at the gym and head back to my apartment. Nothing better than getting in and out of the gym in 45 minutes. I never quite understood why people will lounge around a gym for two hours, taking their sweet time with every single lift. Time is money people!

10:00am: Showered up and ready for the day, I head down to a local breakfast spot. Coming from the U.S., I’m often craving some sort of egg dish in the morning so it’s awesome that the Japanese eat this rolled up eggy-thing that looks like an omelet.

Japanese egg dish called tamagoyaki

This is called Tamagoyaki, my friends. Let’s try this America.

I order one with some rice and some miso soup. SUSTENANCE!

10:30am: Work time.

I get back to my apartment and set up my laptop. I just got an offer from a client that needs help with some website copy. They’re creating a website for their company that sells eco-friendly smartphone cases.

They want to differentiate themselves from their competitors while targeting the young 20 something (think hipster type) demographic, who are environmentally conscious, but also like to express their individuality.

A difficult task for some, but considering I basically fall right into that demographic, I’m up for the challenge. I think I can figure this one out.

They’ve agreed to pay me $800 for the 4 pages a copy. Not a bad deal. I know I can knock this out in 3-4 hours if I work diligently.

11:30pm: I down another cup of coffee. Yes. I fucking love coffee.

12:30pm: I’ve managed to write out a rough draft of the copy for the website and I shoot the client a follow up email to update where I’m at in the process and clarify some questions I have.

12:45pm: Lunch time! Sushi time.

If there is one food that I get more excited than any other food, it’s sushi. I love the whole process. The way it’s sliced, diced, and rolled up right in front of you. The way each roll has a unique design and look. The way each piece offers a variety of complex textures and flavors. Delicious fresh fish can’t beat.

I head to a  place right below where I live and take a seat. The owner knows me by name now as I’ve been there more times than I can count. In fact, if I keep eating sushi in Japan I’m either going to go broke or die of mercury poisoning. Oh well, at least I’ll die a happy man, full of fish.

1:45pm: I take my sweet time at lunch, drink some hot tea after my meal, and shoot the shit with the other Japanese patrons there.

Man, definitely love the people of Japan. They’re so generous and incredibly polite. In the same token, they are very open to discussion and love to interact with people of other cultures.

I’ve noticed that the countries I enjoy traveling to most are the ones where the people are open to foreigners and engaged in sharing their culture with newcomers. It’s really refreshing to experience as it can make or break a country for me.

2:00pm: I head back to knock out two more hours of work and maybe, just maybe, take a nap.

2:30pm: Only 30 minutes in and I’m cut a bit short. One of my buddies, living in Thailand, gives me a call.

“Dude. You wanna go to the Philippines?”


“Right Now.”

“Like right now?”

“Yes, right fuckin’ now. Let’s go to the Philippines for a week! I know you got nothing to lose…”

Shit, well that was an unexpected call. I ponder the thought for a split second before I can feel my heart rate start to accelerate. My skin gets warm and I feel a euphoric feeling crawl into my brain.

Beaches, snorkling, tropical drinks, and beautiful women. Hmmm, not too difficult of a question to answer.

“But what about money?” Left Brain asks. “You’ve got enough for this,” Right Brain responds.

“But what about your job?” Left Brain jabs. “You work on the Internet you idiot!” yells Right Brain.

“But what will people think if you just leave for a week vacation for no reason!?”

“You quit your job in NYC and moved to Asia for this exact reason. Have you been poking smot!?”

right brain versus left brain

Right Brain won in this case.

Damn, I guess Right Brain has a good point. These were often the ideas I would daydream about while I worked in the matrix back in the states. I wanted the freedom to be able to make decisions on a whim, to have the freedom to be able to travel wherever, whenever, and be able to do this because of the ability to make money on the Internet through freelancing.

Decision made.

3:00pm: I’m on Skyscanner looking up flights. BOOM! Round trip for five-hundo! Let’s go!

3:30pm: I stuff a backpack with some warm weather gear and jump in a cab to take me to the airport. Luckily there isn’t much traffic as it hasn’t hit rush hour yet.

4:20pm: Arrive at Narita International Airport and jet to security.

5:00pm: I make it to the gate just in time for the 5:30 take off.

5:30pm: Finally on the plane now and ready to take off. I’ve got about a five hour flight ahead of me so I have to tackle this strategically.

By that I mean relax, nap, work.

7:30pm: Two hours in and I wake up from my power nap. I pop out my laptop and connect to the in flight WiFi. Technology never ceases to amaze me. I mean come on. Freakin’ internet on a plane 40,000 feet in the air. What a time it is to be alive!

The client I spoke to earlier responded to some of the follow up questions I had. Perfect. Now I can bust out the rest of this web copy, which will effectively pay for this entire adventure.

9:00pm: Work is done for the day. I now have a little time to check out some of the inflight entertainment and enjoy a delicious Japanese beer. Sapporo, that is.

10:30pm: We land in Manila, but wait, they’re an hour behind Japan, so it’s really 9:30pm. Sweet!

9:30pm: We land in Manila.

I cruise through customs and jump in a cab. My buddy got a nice spot for the night at a hotel in downtown Manila.

10:15pm: I make it to the hotel and greet my buddy outside.

It’s always great to meet a good friend from back home, halfway across the world. You always become closer friends with someone after you get to share unique opportunities like traveling abroad together.

10:30pm: Enough with formalities. I drop my shit off and head to the rooftop bar where my jaw hits the floor upon entrance.

Sky High Bar in Manila

The view is spectacular. Really. I’ve heard that Manila is kind of gross and not much to see. Well, that might be the case, but at night the city sure lights up.

11:30pm: Drinking and debauchery unfold. Okay, not too much debauchery, but we do enjoy ourselves quite thoroughly, mingling with locals and other international travelers of the sort.

1:00am: At this point it’s been a long-ass day and I’m beat. I stare out at the Manila skyline and reflect on my day.

“Holy shit. I was in Japan this morning with no clue that I’d be in another country by nightfall,” I thought to myself. “This is fucking exciting.”

1:30am: We bid farewell to our newly made friends and decide to hit the sac. The moment my head hits the pillow I’m out cold.

We’ve got an island to hop to tomorrow! The adventure awaits.

Just a little disclaimer: I don’t live in Tokyo nor have I ever been there or the Philippines (BUT I’m going there soon! Stay tuned!) so there are most likely some inaccuracies, but hey, that’s alright.

This was just an exercise to conceptualize and write out what could one day become a reality. I’m a pretty firm believer in the idea that we can make our dreams come true, not if we just dream them but, if we actually have a detailed plan of what that dream consists of and how specifically we want to get there.

In my opinion, this is one of the more fun ways to explore what that dream could be like.

What does you’re perfect day look like? Which country would you be in? Are you on a beach or in a secluded snow villa deep in the Himalayas!?

Maybe it’s not that adventurous. And it doesn’t really need to be. Maybe you wake up and have a chill day with your kids, watch a movie, and make dinner.

Everyone will have a different idea of what makes up their perfect day but I encourage you to try and write it out sometime. If you’re living your day to day and find yourself thinking about stuff that you would rather be doing, then seriously, write that shit out. The clearer and more concrete that idea becomes, the closer it gets to becoming a reality.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your perfect day, so comment below and let me know what’s on your mind!

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