Reverse Culture Shock After 7 Months In China?

Hello there,

I feel like it’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post and that makes me feel a bit sad.

Truth is, I really enjoy writing these blog posts and the random interactions that come along with my writings. Some issues that I’ve been facing is qualifying what content is good enough to go on my blog. I often think of many subjects/ideas that I want to write about but will over criticize them to death, which keeps me from writing anything at all.

And it appears it has been one of those months—lots of ideas, little action.

But I’m to the point where I’m just saying fuck it! Fuck trying to filter everything. I want to provide good content but at some point I just need to ACTUALLY create the content and let it do the talking.

I’m going to point out my brother here as an example.

He writes a blog about his experience as an engineering student at the University of Utah as well as random funny stories that come along with going to college, getting internships, getting (laid, uh hum *cough cough*), etc… Anyway, he writes, WITHOUT FAIL, every god damn week. It’s really quite impressive and I think he’s able to do it because, well simply put, he doesn’t give a shit what people think. And that honestly makes it all the funnier and more authentic.

So kudos to you Connor! I’d link to his blog here but I’m not sure if he wants a lot of people reading it. (Connor, comment below if you want me to link it!)

So where were we?

Where have I been?

What am I working on?

What has Asia been up to?


Because, I’m not actually in Asia. I’m back in the good ol’ US of motha fuckin A. (That means Unites States of America)

Back in March I found a cheap round flight back to the States and jumped on that shit like a fat kid on Twinkies.

I figured what better way to spend ‘Murica Day than to be in America (That means 4th of July… America’s Independence Day).

So, here I am.

I’ve been in Orange County the last two weeks and I’m here to share my update.

Reverse Culture Shock

What’s it like to be back in the states after 7 months abroad?

Well, it’s kinda weird BUT not that weird.

Let me explain…

I was expecting some severe reverse culture shock—not being able to connect with anyone on any topics, feeling awkward not knowing how to speak English anymore (JK) but I really didn’t get any of that too bad. I had experienced reverse culture shock coming back from South America a couple of years ago, but I think that feeling is a thing of the past.

The biggest thing I realized is how BIG people in America are.

Like really.

Americans are fucking big people. Not saying we’re ALL obese but we are just BIGGER in general.

I had this thought while at Costco if you were wondering.

Another thing that stuck out to me at first is how diverse our food is and how I missed that.

When I’m in China, every goddamn Chinese person asks me about “American” food and asks if all we eat are hot dogs, pizzas, and hamburgers. And no they were not being facetious or sarcastic. They legitimately think Americans eat these stereotypical foods on a daily basis.

Sorry to let you down 中國人 (Chinese people), but no, most Americans don’t eat that shit everyday. We’d all fuckin’ die by the time we hit puberty…

I always explained that we eat quite a wide variety of foods but it really hit me when I got back to the US.

I really missed all of the great options we have. One night you can grab Mexican, Sushi, or any other ethnic variety that is within reach. It really makes me proud to come from a place that is defined as the melting pot of the world.

OKAY FATASS shut up about food.

What Is Going On IN Asia Land?

I don’t remember if I’ve talked about this yet but I guess I’ll give you a refresher. I have started a couple online stores selling products that are sourced from China. I have been testing different products with Facebook ads, Instagram, etc.

The funny thing is, all of my products are manufactured in China, some right here in Guangzhou (where I live), yet I cannot actually have these items sent to my Chinese address to sample. A little bizarre right?

So what I did was had them all sent to my address here in the States. And to my surprise, a lot of these products are actually VERY legit. I am incredibly happy with the quality and the overall aesthetic that is offered from the suppliers that I have been in contact with.

Plus, now I can take some legitimate product photos that don’t contain a shitty background or a mannequin as a model. I’m hoping that will help with my conversion rate! I will keep you posted on that.

Anyhow, I wanted to give an update on what was going on and let you know what I’ve been up to. I’m headed back to China in just a couple of days (actually already back now) and I plan to keep going on the blog.

As I said earlier, I’m finding it difficult to find new content to write up but I would absolutely love it if anyone reading this would comment below and either say hello or just say what you’d like to know about China or Asia in general!

If my readers can give me some feedback on what you’d like to know more about or what you find entertaining to read, then please do tell!

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  1. Alex Rogers

    Harry! I love these posts. I think you underestimate how interesting they are to us who aren’t abroad. Maybe you feel like your lifestyle is normal now since it’s been 7 months you you think it is boring for the reader, but in reality it is wildly fascinating to boring normal folk like me =) hope that’s encouraging. Keep writing!

    • hbevins

      Alex, you’re the man! Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm. Also, congrats on the wedding dude! That’s awesome! I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on. Hope all is well back in the states!

  2. Ryan

    Sup broski! Glad to hear you had a good trip state side. I’m curious what domestic and international news is most popular in China? Does the local media cover some of the controversial topics involving China (dog meat fest, South China Sea territorial ‘land grab’, etc…)? Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

    • hbevins

      Hey man! Thanks for commenting. The difficult thing about getting the news is that we don’t have television so we are hardly exposed to any of that information. I went ahead and asked some students about what they see and they told me that there is hardly any news reported outside of Chinese affairs. Regarding the south China Sea territorial land controversy going on now, the news has skewed it to make it seem that the Philippines is in the wrong (obviously). I think a lot of the news is biased that way, but then again, what news isn’t biased nowadays? Anyway, this gives me some good ideas and this is something that I’m going to be thinking about going forward. Hope all is good!

  3. Susan Bevins

    I totally agree with Alex!! Just hearing about ” a life in the day” is interesting.
    I also wanted to say that I thought this post was your best one yet – it seemed more authentic than others. Whatever thought processes were working while you wrote this are spot on!! Glad your home -not really:( – but I’m glad you got home safe 🙂 It was great having you here but 2 weeks is way to short!!
    Love, Mom

    • hbevins

      Thanks mom! Was good to visit. I’ll be sure to be posting more topics about what I experience on a day to day as I hadn’t really thought about doing that before.

  4. Connor

    Holy shit!! I appreciate the shout out brotha! Feel free to link my blog if you want. Also keep the posts coming, I’ve always looked forward to reading these.

  5. Rafael Loss

    Hey,man. I think a good subject would be how did you start interacting with Chinese people and the difficulties of learning the language. Maybe some funny situations, like things they you are weird and vice versa.
    Not sure if you’ve written about this.

    • hbevins

      Hey Rafael! Thanks for commenting and giving me some ideas. There are definitely tons of situations that I can think of so I will have to make a post about this coming soon!

    • hbevins

      Hey Cynthia! Thanks for reading! At some point I will probably divulge what the site is exactly but I’m still making incremental improvements everyday. I want it to be a success so that I can write about it kind of like a case study. Hope you’re doing well!

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