1. wayne

    can you please explain the rinse and repeat part? if you search for the same thing wont you get the same results again? please explain what you mean rinse and repeat thanks

    • hbevins

      I don’t mean search the exact same page, but use the same method to keep searching through different categories, sub-categories, etc, until you find some good results.

  2. jz

    Hey Harrison, thanks for the useful post.

    Do you mind elaborating on the 300 sales per month criteria. Is that 300 sales per product on the front page, or is that 300 average? Oftentimes when researching , a few products on the front page will have 300+ sales / month but 50% of the front page results will have 50 or less sales.

    What do you think of that situation?

    • hbevins

      Hi JZ, thanks for reading. By 300 sales per month I mean 300 sales per product. It doesn’t matter what page or from what keywords those sales are coming from—I just want to hit 10 sales/day on average.

      When you say that a few products have 300+ sales but others have 50 or less, you need to dig a bit deeper. Why do those other listings have so many more sales? Are they name brands? Are they driving external traffic? Do they have hundreds or thousands of reviews? Just because a few listings have a lot of sales doesn’t mean it’s a bad product to go after. For example, the next product I’m launching only has one competitor right now who is doing about 2000-3000 sales per month, BUT, they only have 30 reviews. So I know I can go in there, differentiate, add more value and take a piece of that pie.

      I hope that helps.

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