Don’t Forget to Breath Every Once in Awhile

With all these serious posts lately on goal setting, saving cash, and being a motherf*cking boss all the time, it’s no wonder that I’m always so amped up…

Okay, I know that was a bit overzealous but I’m just having fun.

Sometimes I feel like I just need to stop and smell the roses every now and then…chill out and take a breath.

Since my buddies and I returned from the Philippines about two months ago, we’ve all been gung ho about making money and moving forward with our online working plans. Each Sunday we have an accountability meeting and set goals for the week to come.

We put these goals into this cool App called Asana, which basically allows everyone in the group to keep you updated on what you have recorded and what you complete as you go.

Let me just start by saying this is an incredible App. I highly suggest you download it if you have an accountability group, like cool apps, OR if you just like doing group projects for some reason. It really helps keep everyone in check.

But I digress…

Anyway, after our weekly accountability meetings, I would be killing myself trying to make sure that I got EVERYTHING done on time before the following Sunday deadline, as if there was an invisible hand about to bitch slap the shit out of me if I didn’t finish (mind you, we do have our own set of punishments that we created…)

I was doing quite well the first several weeks.

Finish a book. Check.

Hit the gym four times a week. Check.

Get a new client on Upwork. Check.

Write and publish one blog post every week. Errr, check-ish…

To be honest, my blog post setting goals had been going quite well but then something happened.

Life got in the way.

To be more specific, I was actually starting to get more work online and it was taking away time that I wanted to devote to my personal projects—like this blog and my videos.

I was getting real worked up about it all and feeling like an unaccomplished lazy fool. Then I realized that I need to take a step back and take a deep breath.


Sometimes we get so set in our ways that we forget to be human. With a normal weekly routine, it’s easy to turn into an automaton and not really think about what you’re doing.

We tend to say things like, “man these weeks are flying by” or “holy shit it’s already Christmas!?”

This is a tell-tale sign to maybe slow down a bit and enjoy the things around us.

A common theme I’ve noticed that has run throughout my life is, “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NEXT!?”

I think to some extent this is a natural part of everyone’s thought process as we try to plan for the future.

BUT, it can also be harmful. I realized I was getting so sick of living in Guangzhou but I hadn’t stopped to really enjoy some of the really cool things here.

A simple night out for a traditional Chinese dinner made me slow down and gave me some good perspective.

roast duck chef

Slicing up the best roast duck you’ve never had.

inside chinese restaurant in guangzhou

chinese appetizer

Just the appetizer…This shit was the bees knees.

As I strolled around the city after an incredible meal, I thought about the whole reason I came out here—to enjoy myself and learn and experience other cultures. I had briefly lost sight of that.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with setting goals and being ambitious. I’m all about that life, but maybe set time aside to do something fun, even for a couple hours to take your mind off of work and routine.

You will come back to work feeling even more enthused about what you’re doing and your productivity will go through the roof (well, unless you hate your job… can’t help you there).

In closing this rant of mine, I just want to say that at least for me, I’ve realized how important it is to find time to enjoy myself. I feel more creative, more optimistic, and overall have a better outlook on what’s in store for the future. If it can work for me, it can work for you too.

Not everyone needs a pep talk on how to relax but maybe that next time you’re not feeling like you’re doing enough, stop and smell the roses 😉


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    • Harrison Bevins

      Haha it’s called moving to China and living on pennies… I only have to work like 20 hours a week my man!

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