Life In Taiwan

Taipei 101

Well, holy shit. It’s been a minute huh? When I say minute, I mean like over a month, actually. Sorry I haven’t been updating this thing as frequently as I would have liked lately (like you really care). BUT A bunch of shit has been going on lately… Namely, MOVING to Taiwan! So if you … [Read more…]

7 Things I Love About Taiwan

Taiwan Democracy Memorial in Taipei

“This place is fucking awesome” was the initial thought that first struck my air-deprived brain upon arriving at Taoyuan Airport outside of Taipei. This wasn’t a fair opinion, though. Of course, everything was being compared to China and when you compare shit to China, anything and everything can seem exponentially better. So I took a … [Read more…]

Eating Healthy In China

healthy chinese vegetable soup

Is it possible to eat healthy in China? HA HA! Is that a joke? Well, not entirely. And yes, it is possible to eat healthy in China if you want to buy all of your food, clean it, prepare it, and cook it yourself. BUT, who wants to do that when eating out is actually … [Read more…]