7 Signs You Don’t Belong in an Office Job

Once upon a time I sat in a fancy high rise building in Midtown New York City and felt like I was on top of my shit!

I had just started my new finance job and was making more money than I had ever made, up until that point in my life.

My friends and family thought that I had made it.

After all, this was the dream! Making it to New York in finance was the plan all along. With a few years of hard work and dedication I would break the coveted 6 figure mark!

But that’s only one side of the story.

I knew deep down that something wasn’t right. I felt like I was faking it because that’s what I was told to do.

I didn’t fit in.

I didn’t believe in what I was working on.

I didn’t care.

Only a little over a year later and I would be on a one way flight to Hong Kong, a decision that would forever change my life.

I know I’m not alone in these feelings.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who go to jobs everyday and secretly despise their very existence.

Are you one of them?

It’s often hard to tell what you’re supposed to do when society has groomed you to believe that you are on the right path—school, college, good grades, graduate, corporate slavery, success?

Well, I’m here to shake things up a bit and help you realize that you actually don’t belong in an office.

While I worked in my tiny square of an office, I would often realize that my actions reflected someone who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I just didn’t belong there.

So let’s see if you belong…

Here are the 7 signs that you don’t belong in an office job:

1. Weekends Represent Your Only Purpose For Living

Do you often start looking forward to the weekend on Monday morning? Are you already making plans maybe one, even two weeks in advance for your 48 hours of freedom that comes between Friday and Sunday every week? Well, if this dominates your thinking most of the week, then guess what? You don’t belong in an office job.

2. Work Time Consists of Doing As Little Work As Possible

If you notice you’re browsing Reddit, Youtube, or reading restaurant reviews more often than doing work-related work, well then… You don’t belong in an office job.

3. Your Daily Escape Consists of Consuming Content From Your Favorite Vlogger, Blogger, or Netflix Series

I remember everyday during the week I would wake up, shower, eat breakfast, and spend the next 10 minutes watching one of Casey Neistat’s daily vlogs.

This was my little escape before facing reality and walking to the subway to go to the office. After work, it was gym, dinner and some Netflix episode that I was caught up with at the time.

Basically, the only thing that I had to look forward to was other people’s content that made me feel like I was living a life that wasn’t my own.

If you can relate, then you probably don’t belong in an office job.

4. You Drink Ungodly Amounts of Water so You Can Go T0 The Bathroom Often

Now I know I’m not alone here.

Do you drink water like it’s going out of style? Do you constantly have a huge bottle of water or some type of hydrating beverage on your desk?

I sure did. I knew that the more water I drank, the more I would have to go to the bathroom, the longer I would be away from my desk.

And hey, it’s healthy right!?

Yeah sure. You know you’re guilty.

If you have done this before, you don’t belong in an office job.

5. Year End Bonuses Make You Feel Nothing

Everyone likes money, right!?

Of course. One of the most widely discussed topics in finance is the famous year end bonus. Huge sums of money are dished out to reward those for their year of hard work, long hours, and copious amounts of coffee consumed.

I won’t lie, it felt pretty good to get a lump sum of cash in the bank at the end of the year. But after the initial rush wore off, I looked around and realized I was still in the same spot.

It didn’t fucking matter.

Sure I had a little more money in my pocket but what was I going to do with that? I’m still trapped in this hell hole of a cubicle watching my spirit wither away.

I know I’m cynical here, but I’ve heard this same story one too many times. If you receive your bonus and it makes you feel good for about for about 24 hours and nothing more, then it’s a good sign that you don’t belong in an office job.

6. Office Culture Makes Your Skin Crawl

You know what’s fun? Eating lunch at your desk everyday while unproductively doing menial tasks to impress your superiors.

Yeah, really. Nothing is better than shoving your face full of food for 15 minutes so you can go back to work doing pointless shit that could easily be accomplished one hour later.

Sense my sarcasm much?

I couldn’t get over the fact that what I had seen in movies and tv shows was actually quite true. People wasting time in the kitchen, talking over the “water cooler”, office gossip, micro-managing colleagues, and all of the other wonderful office stereotypes.

If this stuff drives you nuts, you don’t belong in an office job.

7. You Constantly Ask Yourself “Is this it?”

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. I saw my life slowly disentegrating into a meaningless pile of shit.

You work to make money. The money you earn pays for your expensive ass apartment, fancy clothes, and alcohol fueled weekends. The more money you make, the more money you spend, perpetuating the cycle.

I looked at my colleagues above me and the only difference was that they were 1) older and 2) made more money.

But they didn’t look more satisfied or happy about their lives. In fact, they looked fucking exhausted.

I thought, “if I stay where I am, that will be me in 5-10 years. Do I really want that?”

And then I found myself constantly asking, “is this it?” Is this the purpose of our modern day existence?”

Well, if it is… Fuck that is depressing. I could no longer fathom a lifestyle with this repetitious cycle or work, sleep, eat, repeat.

So I quit.

If you are having similar thoughts and questioning the very system that you bought into, maybe, just maybe, you don’t belong in an office job.

One Chance

We only have one life to live and one chance to make the most of it. Sadly, many will settle for something that is subpar, something that is safe, or something that is easy.

If you don’t have something in your life that makes you feel excited and gets you going for the day then I challenge you to do some soul searching.

Why are you doing what you do?

If you’re unhappy, figure out why and make the choice to change it.

Most of all, don’t get stuck in a damn office job unless you actually love that shit. Many people do, and good for them. There’s nothing wrong with liking that environment but that should not be the benchmark for success.

I hope this post was able to elicit some emotions, whether it’s a laugh, some anger, or even a realization that you’re living this life. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

So comment below and let me know which number you can identify with the most!


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  1. Connor

    I’d say 1,2,4, and somewhat 6 were definitely on mine for my last job. We’ll see if it improves with this one.

  2. Hayley

    I was fired after two weeks of working at an office job. If anything screams that I don’t belong more than that then I’m not sure what does. I’m honestly greatful I was fired so quickly. More time for me to pursue something that fits. 🙂

    • hbevins

      Yeah we’re not all cut out to sit in an office all day and collect a paycheck every two weeks. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  3. Sham

    Wow, that was amazing bigman, I don’t know where I would find a job that’s both fun, will allow me to be myself and help me make a living can’t lie. Maybe thats why we allow the money to act as compensation and firm the hatred of going to work and acting fake on a daily. heartbreaking tbh.

    • hbevins

      Yeah, getting a job you actually enjoy while getting paid can be tough but it isn’t impossible. One thing I’ve found throughout this journey is that some people actually like having structure and being told what to do on a daily basis. Other people, like myself, despise this type of work environment, which is why I have worked on building my own business on my own terms over the last three years. I would just say not to never settle and work hard on building your “dream” lifestyle, because we only have one.

  4. Thomas

    I relate way too much to this text. I’m just too scared to let go of all.

    I’ve started working on it by specializing in a different business department that I enjoy learning about (customer experience), but “business” still doesn’t feel like the environment I want to live in. That’s why my first step is changing my speciality and even city (planning Berlin, I’m from Lyon in France currently in London). But long-term, that doesn’t sound enough.

    Thanks for your text, it helps people like me who don’t comment, but deeply in their minds are very happy to read it. I hope it helps me/them make better decisions 🙂

    • hbevins

      Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

      Yeah the environment is a big factor and if you are going to work for a company for the foreseeable future I think it’s important to make sure that the environment serves you well.

      Making a move to change things up is a good plan. It can give you some fresh perspective and help you decide if that line of work is what you really want to do long term.

      Anyway, I’m glad you found the post helpful and wish you the best of luck!


  5. Shannon Burling

    I absolutely relate to this, thus why I stumbled upon this article while sitting in my beige, cold, cubicle. I feel like I am meant for so much more. Im creative, passionate, and an extremely hard worker but I also have bills and need health insurance. I have many business ideas but can’t afford to risk it. What to do?

    • hbevins

      Hey Shannon, thanks for reading. I believe everyone has their breaking point where the idea of leaving your job begins to outweigh the current benefits and security you receive. In my case, it got to a point where I was willing to risk the unknown in order to get away from the daily dread of going to an office cube. I’d say if you’re not yet willing to take that kind of risk, the best thing you can do is start working on a side hustle. Are any of these business ideas something that you can work on after work and on weekends? I’d start there and see where it takes you.

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